PLAYLIST: “Would you get along with your self?”

PLAYLIST: “Would you get along with yourself?”

Words and art | Luke Calsyn

In any given social situation, we are being perceived by everyone around us. We choose how we present ourselves, how we dress, act and talk. My drawing is a play on these ways in which people perform self.

Do people interpret me as the same person I think I am?  How similar is the idea of myself to others’ idea of myself? The following songs are about self love and the performance of self.

Digital Witness – St. Vincent

Digital Witness, one of St. Vincent’s more poppy and groovy songs, addresses how many people perform an online identity that’s separate from their reality. We have an analog identity, but are able to create an ideal version of ourselves for people online.

“These Days” – Nico

This song is a melancholic and beautiful version of Jackson Browne’s “I’ve Been Out Walking.” The lyrics are self-reflective. Nico talks about how she’s been spending her time thinking about her mistakes and is now stuck in her past.

“Sword” – IAN SWEET

“Sword” reflects on IAN SWEETS’ physical self, with the catchy hook, “my body is a sword / it gets sharper when it gets ignored.”

“Name Brand” – Remo Drive

In “Name Brand,” a teenage-aged narrator describes wanting to prove himself as an adult. He craves expensive designer items that he thinks will make him seem more mature but realizes it’s not worth it and that those items don’t define him.

“Give Yourself a Try” – The 1975

“Give Yourself a Try” is like advice from a wise, older sibling. Matty Healy is reflecting on his life, how he’s changed as a person and encourages listeners to do the same.

“Angry Me” – Graham Coxon

“Angry Me” is a light-hearted song written for BBC’s “The End of The F***ing World.” Graham Coxon sings, “I got so angry lately / Don’t know what’s wrong with me / It feels so weird lately / Don’t know what’s wrong with me” in a happy tone that contrasts the lyrics. The narrator is confused and discomforted by themself and how they’re acting and feels a heavy disconnect between themself and anyone else.

“Fake Happy” – Paramore

“Fake Happy” and the video that accompanies it is a perfect example of how we put on masks and perform ideal versions of ourselves. Hayley Williams describes how she pretends to be happy and hopes that people will believe her.

“Your Best American Girl” – Mitski

“Your Best American Girl” is about being deeply in love with someone from a completely different background. 

“10 Feet Tall” – Cavetown

“10 Feet Tall” sees Cavetown creating another version of himself that’s scary and confident. He says he wants to be able to grow horns and be able to eat fire and snow.

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