SEALED Magazine is an online arts and culture publication that aims to share compelling content across varied mediums that is entertaining, informative and leaves a lasting impact. We strive to tell stories from diverse backgrounds and create a fun atmosphere for contributors and our audience while maintaining journalistic and artistic integrity.

Based in Chicago, SEALED is the collaboration between two journalists who have dreamed of creating their own publication for years. Inspired by all of the incredibly talented people in their lives, this space was created to showcase diverse voices, cultures and stories. They believe that everyone deserves a platform and strive to create a space where people feel welcomed and included.

Each month, SEALED publishes under a different editorial theme. These themes influence the content for each month’s issue.

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Comments? Questions? Concerns? Send an email either to mollywalsh.news@gmail.com or to erindickson.news@gmail.com.

If you’re interested in contributing to future issues of SEALED don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always looking for more people to get involved.